We are turning HYBRID!

Whether you go for the big city life or the more relaxed suburban rhythm, the alluring qualities of hybrid cars are getting more and more advanced to fit a great variety of needs.

To help you preserve that perfect balance, we figured out the quirks of all hybrid makes and models, including Asian and European ones.

We have provided our employees with numerous learning opportunities, so they can confidently tackle any issue you might have with your hybrid, no matter how big, small or unusual it is.

Because they are so passionate about getting the best out of two worlds, our skillful mechanics can provide you with:

  • Correct mechanical and electrical diagnosis
  • Efficient maintenance and safety check-ups
  • Specialized repair for even the most sensitive electrical and mechanical parts
  • Inspections’ reviews

By using the latest tools and installing certified auto components, we can guarantee our service up to 1 year or 12,000 miles, without affecting your warranty.

And because we serve the community of the entire San Diego County, we can offer you transportation, early-bird and referral discounts.

Check out our list of services and fees or schedule an appointment for a personalized quote.